That's So Chocolate Bar!

Tomorrow I get to start another round of lessons,
this time about empathy, which has me super excited,
because it's one of my favorite topics.
Check out our problem poster; what could happen is
not so chocolate bar {though it does involve one ...}.

What choice should our furry friend make?
What will happen if he chooses what he's thinking about?
What will happen if he doesn't?
Switch places with him ... what would you do?

The lesson continues with our friend Pack, who's at it again ...
taking people's stuff. That's what pack rats do, right?
But where in the world did he get these shoes? And why?

From the puppet piece, we'll move to a character clip.
Do you know about these Chocolate Bar Boys?
I'll be using this AmAzInG story to spark our empathy discussion.

Isn't that story so chocolate bar? And chunk full of examples of empathy, which is all about switching places with someone, about walking in their shoes for a little bit to understand and care about how they feel.
How would it feel to be Dylan?
How about to be Jonah?
What would you want? What would you need?
What would it be like to be Dylan's parents? 
How about Jonah's?
What part does empathy play in this heartwarming story?

I can't wait to hear what my empathy experts have to say.

Kindergarteners will get an empathy wand.

Cutest idea ever from my friends at The Empathy Way!

Students in first through third will get an empathy card.
Click {here} for source.

After talking about these takeaways,
we'll dance the Empathy Hokey Pokey, 
with this adaptation to the words of the chorus:

You show a little empathy and turn yourself around ... 
that's what it's all about!


  1. Love those empathy wands!! Fun Fun!! And the Hokey Pokey? I'm in!


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