Kindness Confetti

Yesterday, I came across a mantra that grabbed my attention:
Throw kindness around like confetti.
And I can totally imagine how colorful our world would be.
So today, some final musings about kindness
before I unplug for the holidays.

Look at these decorative utensils I received wrapped with love 
by two of our knitting friends as a reminder 
to spread kindness because kindness matters.

Thank you, Laura and Cindy.

Aren't they exquisite? 
I see them as a challenge to invite kindness to the table
 and serve it at every meal.
Kindness to others, kindness to self.
Kindness to friends and {gasp!} kindness to foes.
Then, bright and early this morning, I jolted up to this ...

 and was dazzled by this ...

both from Joelle's Hood's Kindness Revolution FB page. 
Together they filled me with joy at the possibility of all of those
 glitter-filled, caffeinated hearts.

One act of kindness.
One person, one situation, one day at a time.
How many hearts will sparkle ... 
because of me,
because of you,
because of us?

Then this beauty, from Lisa at Ripple Kindness, jumped for joy.

Even the hardest of day.
Because there will be difficult days, guaranteed.
But it's virtually impossible to be down-in-the-dumps when you're 
practicing kindness
Thank you, Lisa, for being a Climate Changer!

So as you rush into the holiday, 
don't miss that feel-good holiday rush that kindness brings. 
I wish for you many magical, one-of-a-kind days ahead
complete with family and friends by your side and
filled with health, happiness, and hope.

And let kindness be your light.
 {Until it glistens like little pieces of sparkly confetti.}

Now it's time to sign off, but not before I thank you, 
my friends, for routinely stopping by and reflecting with me.
When I get back, we'll talk about our
One Little Word for 2015, so start thinking ...

Merry Christmas!

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