The Gift Of A Memory

As I continue to showcase the cyberspace connections I've made this year, let's travel to California to check in on parenting expert Annie Fox. You may remember that at the end of October Annie interviewed me by Skype for a Family Confidential podcast that she posted {here}. She's a brilliant, talented, and compassionate empowerment educator who's passionate about building social courage and emotional intelligence in tomorrow's leaders. 

Annie recently shared the good news that she'd be writing an article for the Huffington Post and she posed an interesting reflection opportunity: 
Recall a meaningful gift you received as a child. 
What comes to mind and why was it so special to you?

I'm here to tell you that it wasn't an easy-breezy-lemon-squeezy question to answer by any means, but it was, indeed, a thought-provoking inquiry to ponder that took me back, waaaaaaay back, to the frozen tundra of our family farm, to treasures that are tucked deep in the recesses of my 53-year-old heart and mind. 

It was a real gift, that trip down Memory Lane where I was able to relive how I felt about Grandma Larsen's hand-knit slippers, about the matching hand-sewn flannel nightgowns that my mom made for my sister and me, and about the handcrafted specialty I'd get from Dad's wood shop. 

The one thing I do remember that all of the children in our parochial grade-school unequivocally anticipated and eagerly awaited was the big grocery-store paper sack of mixed chocolates, peanuts in a shell, and three pieces of fruit - a grapefruit, an orange, and an apple - that we'd receive after our performance in the Christmas Eve service. Those coveted malted milk balls were my absolute favorite! 
Sometimes it's the little things ...

Anyway, today I'm celebrating with her because that article posted {here} earlier today. Thank you, Annie, for being a Climate Changer and warming our world.

Oh, and we'd love to know how you would have answered Annie's inquiry, so feel free to share the gift of your favorite childhood holiday memories.

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