Sunshine & Mud

Sometimes a smile and a positive reframe is all it takes to turn lemons into something tastier and more palatable. Yesterday this first-grade ray of sunshine showed up at my office door to tell me that he had fallen down outside, in the mud. Upon closer inspection, sure enough, his right pant leg was coated with dark, icky, Texas-style winter gumbo. He was muddy and wet all right.

But you wanna know the good thing? he asked in earnest.
The good thing is that the mud is only on the outside,
not on the inside.

Day Made!

And I thought to myself that this is the best reframe I'd heard in a very long time. little bit lot of mud isn't going to get this superhero down. Besides, it's what's on the inside that counts. 

In the end, what we focus on, we get more of ... 
and sunshine trumps mud any day of the week!

How was your Day Four of the Great Kindness Challenge?

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