Making Compassion A Verb

It's the last day of National School Counseling Week 2105.
Have you hugged your school counselor this week?
I'm excited today because the Kindergarten Team invited me to lunch with them and they're treating me to Jason's Deli.
So grateful for their kindness.
I had a blast yesterday giving out Nice! water bottles with my little poem attached, delicious bite-sized COPEcakes, and an article with some tips on Cultivating A Winning Attitude. One third-grade teacher told me,
"This makes my heart happy." Enough said.

My guest post at the Character Educator came out yesterday, too, 
and you can read it {here}.
I also chatted with Penny from ThinkGive this week. If you work with students in grades 4-8, you might give her project a try. More about that in a later post.
And I connected with the amazing Jena from Critterkin,
and I felt so energized by her passion and verve for life.

I made a few Day Maker calls to let some of my counseling colleagues know that they're doing a really hard job really well. It was a delight to hear voices and not just see word in an email.
And I got a package from Chris in Indiana with "joy in a bottle" - otherwise known as Aveda Rosemary Mint hand/body wash
and two Compassion It wristbands.
She said both things made her think of me.
More happiness.
Check out the Compassion It project video below and see why.

No PPBF today; just lots and lots of enthusiasm & gratitude.
How will you make compassion a verb today?

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