National School Counseling Week 2015

To my School Counselor colleagues:
I'm celebrating with you this week.

We've got to have one of the best jobs around,
the job that isn't so much a job as a calling, really.
Look at the sweet message that our administration 
put on the marquee for us.

Click the picture for information from the ASCA website.
Inside I created this advocacy visual display
from a seed that Mr. Whitlock planted.
How do School Counselors help us to grow and to become?

As I typed the word IN, I thought of other possibilities for
The Counselor Is ...
INundated kept coming to mind,
because some days I feel like that.
But then I thought INfluential might work, too,
because other days I feel like that.
Hopefully INspirational as well ...
I suppose it's all in how we choose to look at it.

And speaking of how we look at things, I posted some uplifting sentiments on the faculty restroom mirror. Thank you, Libby, for being our model.

So many wonderful opportunities for a school counselor; every day we get to support, uplift, nurture, process and reflect. Do you have a school counselor who positively impacted your journey?

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