Purpose & Meaning

Today we woke up officially on Spring Break 2015. One son came home, another left on a Band trip. Our daughter ought to be home any time now. I started my break determined to spend more time outdoors, so I walked three miles. After my walk, I spent an hour pulling weeds before I pulled a hamstring muscle. Ouch! 
As I laid on the couch nursing that strained muscle and reading Results Coaching, thoughts about intentionality and purpose grabbed my attention, gave me pause, and got me pondering. 

What is my purpose?
How am I giving that purpose meaning?
And what will I do today to be better tomorrow?
Big questions that will require more thought and reflection.

This past week I found these must-share resources:

*Read about raising a Kind Kid.
*Check out this creative clip on communication.
*Download a free poster on Feelings Management.
*Watch how touch trumps technology with a crying child.

Happy springtime.

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  1. Happy spring break! I'm halfway through mine and I love it even more than Christmas break:)
    I hope your hammy pull isn't too serious.
    Thank you for the links.

    Grade ONEderful
    Barbara Leyne Designs


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