The Butterfly Effect Takes Wing

Have you heard about The Butterfly Effect? Have you read

Click graphic to hear author Andy Andrews talk about the Butterfly Effect.

As we March into spring, I'm thinking about this idea, that every little flap of a butterfly's wings matters. Every one. Every day. 

And on this week's Steve Hartman On The Road assignment, get this, he targets the Butterfly Effect. I find his stories incredibly Hart-warming {oh yes, I did!}, and this one is no exception. We've met ALS patient Chris Rosati on his show before; this time he decided to test the validity of The Butterfly Effect by giving two young girls each $50 with a simple challenge: to do something kind with it.

One little flap of his wheelchair-bound wings, which are fading in strength but not in desire, and ripples are felt across the world.

The Butterfly Effect.
A Kindness Crusade.
Pay It Forward.

Whatever you call it, how we treat each other matters.
But just as the butterfly doesn't just let the wind carry it.
kindness doesn't happen by chance.
It has to flap its wings to move.
To get where it's going. 
On purpose. 
With intention.

So how will you get where you're going today?
How will your actions ripple out?
What will you do to create the Butterfly Effect?

Here are some easy-breezy ideas to warm up your wings:

Find service-learning ideas at Moments A Day {here}.
Mine even more service ideas at Pennies of Time {here}.
Download Random Acts of Kindness resources {here}.
Visit our Kindness Collaborative Pinterest board {here}.
Go beyond International Day Of Happiness {here}.

And please join us on Twitter tomorrow night at 4 pm PDST, 6 pm CST, 7 pm EST to chat about positively inspiring a better tomorrow with special guests from The Joy Team.

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Cape up ... it becomes you!


  1. Absolutely incredible story! Thanks!

  2. I saw the story about Chris on Sunday Morning. He is such an influential person changing the world one butterfly act at a time.

  3. Thank you, Thank you for your inspiration!


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