A Web Of Kindness

Happy Easter!

Today I'm delighted to share that my friend Sheila and her family are the cover story in the American Profile section of the Sunday paper. 
YAY! Raising Kind Kids is front-page news.

Photo courtesy of American Profile
By investing just a small bit of time every day on intentional acts of kindness and service, they are creating this incredible outreach of empathy, compassion and care. To make the world better. 

The ambitious spider web that we found yesterday serves as such a nice parallel to their purposeful work as kindness ambassadors.
All it takes, Sheila will tell you, is a penny of time.

According Dr. Matthew McQuaid, being kind is not only a good idea, but it's a natural anti-depressant. In this paper, he explains how raising kind kids creates a win-win because service has neurological benefits. The more kindness we show, the kinder we become, a sure-fire recipe for happiness all around. Not just a surface, reactive happiness, either, but the deep-seeded joy that comes from serving others. Isn't that what we want for our future?

Thank you, Sheila, for making footsteps worth following 
and weaving such a intentional web of kindness and love.
For more intriguing ideas and inspiration, visit Pennies of Time.

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