Taking Turns

Can it be that it's April already? No foolin'?
Did you make it through the day unscathed?

Yesterday, as I was checking in with my individual counseling kids, one of my littles asked, "When is it gonna be my turn? I don't know when you're gonna pick me up, what month or what day. Am I ever gonna get a turn?" 
Her smile grabbed my heart and held on tight. So, I did what any school counselor would do; I scheduled an appointment for today, to give her a turn. 
Look at the gratitude she gave me in return.

Heart warmed!
Kindness is like that.
Do a kind act; it'll boomerang back.
Give kind, get kind, just like that.

Will you be joining the JNP Project Million Acts Challenge?

I'm super excited to participate with our school family.

What kind acts have you been up to lately? 
Here are some options to consider:

*Take dinner to a neighbor in need. 
*Write a note of congrats to someone for a success.
*Pick up a coffee or coke to surprise someone.
*Start a conversation to connect with a colleague.
*Send a happy text or email to a friend or family member.
*Post something inspirational on the restroom mirror.
*Express gratitude for something ordinary.
*Participate in a Fun Run to raise money for a cause.
*Support a campaign or project on social media.

But wait, there's more. Here's an opportunity to do that last one right now. My daughter's Solar Decathlon Team at the University of Texas is in a U.S. Department of Energy competition. Part of the project includes sharing it on social media. If you're on Facebook, please consider clicking on their logo below 
to Like their page.

Finally, do you ever get a song stuck in your head,
one that you find yourself singing over and over again?
It's a  Red Grammer/Carol McCloud creation ...
and it's positively powerful! 
Treat yourself to these little Bucket Fillers belting it out.

 Now, it's your turn.
What will you do to change things in your world today?

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