Through Each Other's Eyes

 Round 'em up? Did we ever! 
Two weekends, three big events, more volunteers than you can imagine, 
countless smiles and too many happy hearts to count later, another annual school fundraiser is in the books. It truly takes a village to raise a child; 
blessings overflow when our village comes together for a cause.

We're grateful to all of our school stakeholders for their support.

Today I'm thinking about this Thoreau quote:

Look at how tenderly this young girl is coddling this baby goat. Can't you just feel the nurturing, love and care? My guess is that she felt something for this kid, she connected with its situation, and she decided a warm embrace would be exactly what it needed. She was looking at the carnival experience through this furry friend's eyes. Empathy + Compassion = True Beauty.

It reminds me of this ABC report I saw earlier this week, about the third-grade teacher in Colorado who asked her students what they wished their teacher knew. Their responses were poignant, personal, and somewhat painful to read. 

If we're looking at life through our little learners' eyes, giving them a voice, and listening to understand, we ought to be able to predict with some accuracy the answers to these questions: What would the children in your orbit say they wish their teacher knew about them? What about what they wish their parents knew? Their grandparents? Their neighbors? Their friends? 
Download a cute template for the activity {here}.
I love the spin on this activity my friend Heather suggested; 
a What I wish my colleagues knew board in the staff lounge.

How might how we treat one another change if we were to look 
{more often and with intention} 
through each other's lens?   

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