A Winner & A Gratitude Boomerang

Today I'm grateful and super excited about the chance to give away a copy of Carol Miller's Starbound. From the thirty-one comments, the random generator selected ... drum roll please ... comment #9.

Here's Amy's tribute to her Champion: My forever hero and champion was a special lady whose name was Amy Gilmore. She was one of the most genuine and loving educators I have ever worked with. She made school a safe place and gave her children experiences that made them want to come to school every day. Her room was warm and inviting, her love was unconditional, and her love of teaching led to love of learning by her students. She came to work even through chemotherapy and fought her cancer til the bitter end. She was an educational warrior, and she was one of my best friends. She is in heaven now, and forever in the hearts of many students, teachers, and me!!! She was and still is, a hero and an inspiration.

Congratulations, Amy, and thank you ALL for posting those beautiful testimonials about your Champions. They were touching and tugged at my heartstrings.

And speaking of heartstrings ...

Just look at the beautiful hearts and love that came in the mail from Sheila and her superkids from Pennies of Time. It made an ordinary day extraordinary to find these in my mailbox yesterday. It has been a gratitude boomerang between us ... I send them something ... they return the favor ... then the ball's in my court ... then theirs. It's like a ping-pong match that we're both winning. With each act of kindness, our hearts grow bigger because kindness begets kindness. And their warm affirmations make me want to do more, for them and for others ... 
because I'm left feeling ... inspired
To be better. 
To do more.  
Cape up!

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