Irrationally Crazy

It started as an affirmation ...

I saw your new room last night; it's so invitingly warm and welcoming. Your Dr. Seuss paintings are incredible. I admire your artistic talent and flair.

... punctuated with a bit of humor. 

Oh, and if that adorable Lorax canvas goes missing after I'm gone, I promise I had nothing to do with its disappearance.

It ended with a kindness I will never forget.

 A stowaway in my luggage, with this note written on the back, 
and signed by the BEAutiful artist herself:

Because today I really needed someone like you to cross my path.

I don't usually run out of words, but this was one of those times. 

It was for me. 
From Beatriz.
Just because. 

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot ... 

Her gift lives out the essence of my message that day,  
my challenge for each teacher in that California cafetorium, 
and everywhere I go ... to be the one.
The hero you needed as a child.
The one who cares more than a whole awful lot.
The one who lights up the darkest of places.
The one who goes ga-ga ... 
crazy even.
Irrationally crazy.
Just because ...

So today I'm grateful ... for an irrationally-crazy gift from Beatriz.
One that punctuates Dr. Seuss' words a whole awful lot.
One that makes me want to be better, kinder, more generous.
Because even grown-ups need that one.

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