The Power of the Circle

Today I'm energized because yesterday afternoon I got to visit my high school PALs for a few minutes. Those superheroes-in-training exude excitement about the chance to empower and supercharge those special someones under their care this year. I gave them each one of these capes to decorate as we anticipate and eagerly await their flight to our campus:
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It's a visual representation, I told them, of who they are.
Our first impression of them and what they'll bring to us.
We can't wait to see their superpowers posted on our walls.

Speaking of superpowers, I found this tiny treasure on my morning walk ...

and it made me think about the power of circling up.
Part of the excitement about my new space is that we've got lots of room now, 
to huddle up, 
to sit and stand in a circle,
to sing, move and laugh together.
Knee to knee, shoulder to shoulder, sometimes hand in hand even,
with the person beside us.
Eye to eye with the friends in our group. 
To utilized inner-outer circle pair and share time.
To engage in team-building time.
And to look at each other with a message that clearly conveys
"I see you. You matter!" 
as we play to learn and connect to lead. 

On my walk I also got to thinking about the circular nature
of collective responsibility {So much interconnectedness when I walk}.

In our #leadupchat Twitter talk this morning, Bob Abrams shared this food for thought nugget that was posted on a wall in the gym at a Chinese school, so I attached it to the picture I took this week of Joshua in his new FHS letterman jacket.

Such a powerful reflection question ... 
How do I make my school proud?
... one which we could ask ourselves wherever we go. 
How do I make myself proud? 
My family proud?
My friends proud? 
My community proud? 
My Higher Power proud?

And why might it matter?

 I guess it boils down to this:
What goes around comes around.
And therein lies the power of the circle.

How do you use circle time to empower your super class family?

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