Under A Rest

If you're in a place like we are, where Labor Day is observed, it's likely you're enjoying a rest from your labors on this three-day weekend. Or at least I hope you are. Some of us find it harder than others to sit still, to just be. But since we cannot serve from an empty vessel, the holiday weekend begs this inquiry:

If the answer is yes, I'd love to know what your best strategies are,
 to rest and restore, 
to refresh and reinvigorate,
to rejuvenate and re-energize
If the answer is no, what are you waiting for?

We've touched on the subject of self-care a few times before.
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I also shared ideas for self-kindness on this inspirational mini:

What other tools can we add to our self-care arsenal?

Laughing: Treat yourself to a funny show or movie.
Connecting: Call someone you love, just to reconnect.
Reading: Escape into a fictional novel, just for fun.
Exercising: Take a long walk or bike ride with a friend.
Listening: Put on some soft music and meditate or pray.
Creating: Do something artsy to spark your creative juices.
Soaking: Relax with a long bubble bath or a hot-water foot soak.
Writing: Revisit something you wrote years ago and reflect.
Shopping: Give yourself permission to take in some retail therapy.
Being: Sit by the pool or on your porch & enjoy a sunrise or sunset.

What's your promising practice for spending quality time
under a rest?

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