Caped In Kindness

Today I'm excited because of the kindness of a stranger. A stranger, as in someone I've never met in real life. But the beauty of the Internet, with all of its cautions and concerns, is the global connections we're able to make in cyberspace.
And this happened, because of one of those connections.

If you follow my book's Facebook page, you may remember that Steph Kozuch, a school counselor in Indiana, sent me a picture of the little superhero silhouette on the right, back in June. I posted it because I stood in awe of its adorableness {and the fact that she was preparing in June for the upcoming school year}. We reconnected on Twitter in early October when I complimented her on a picture I'd seen of her classroom decor, which now included the super sweet little girl on the left. I told her I'd asked a volunteer to make these for me but that I was still waiting ... 
and then this:

#share ~ don't you love that?
It seriously never crossed my mind  that she would make them for me. 
And when I sent her my address, this:

Then, when they arrived, in a poster mailing tube, all rolled up so that they wouldn't crease, I felt the warmth of a stranger friend cloaked in kindness. A stranger friend with a big, beautiful smile on her tiny Twitter avatar, and an even bigger heart of gold.

Before I put them up, I traced them and sent a pair to PA. And then another pair to OK. So Steph, your super gesture is rippling out. Thank you for being a superhero of the character kind!

Finding a home for these little cherubs was a wonderful way to kick off Character Counts! Week 2015. Then our celebration continued when I met with this year's Peer Assistance and Leadership students (PALs) from Friendswood High School and collected their cape masterpieces for our 
SUPERHEROES-in-training Wall of Fame.

Teenagers and their colorful character capes.

Each one more eye-catchingly brilliant than the next.

Each one bearing their heartbeat, happiness and hope.

Each one a caped in kindness.

Each one the story of a mentor eager to positively influence our future.

I wish you could see them all in person.
The capes. {And the mentors!}
If you're ever in the area, come on by for a gallery walk.
These are hanging just outside of Leadership Central.

The PALs visited our campus today, for their tour, and their enthusiasm was palpable. They'll start next week in our character building and I can't wait to 
watch them soar.

The future looks bright with these superheroes leading the way.

 Cape up and crusade on!

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  1. Barbara, I am so excited that the adorable caped children are coming to me! I will happily share them too. I've already promised to trace them for a "local friend." I was going to say "real friend" but that wasn't right because as you say, the internet has made us friends. As always, thanks for your generosity in sharing your enthusiasm, your ideas and your caped silhouettes. :) I also love the mentor capes.


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