Social Stations

Today I'm super excited because we go back into Social Station rotation in counseling classes this week. Here's what we have planned:

1. In the Creation Station, we'll be writing thank-you notes, like these, only on 3x5 cards, for a volunteer in our community who distributes them when she sees a man or woman in uniform. We must never forget ... 

2. At the Staging Station {with or without puppets}, we'll be role playing different scenarios and working through some common, every-day conflicts.

3. In the Ukulele Lab, we'll be learning our first few chords. In a fun development after a Twitter convo yesterday, we'll be adding ten ukuleles to our lab thanks to the generosity of authors Dave and Shelley Burgess of Teach Like A Pirate and P is for Pirate fame. 
I sure hope Mr. Fred can find us ten more chairs!

Update: Yay - the new UKEs have arrived! 

4. In the Reflection Station, students will be writing and drawing their thoughts about last week's Dennis Lee show and/or our Hometown Heroes pep rally.

5. There'll also be a Gaming Station and a Collaboration Station, both of which will have connection activities to sharpen our problem-solving and leadership skills.

UPDATE: Check out this collaboration!

So there ought to be something for all learning styles and work preferences. Do you use Social Stations to facilitate and nurture your students' social and emotional growth? If so, we'd love for you to share how they work.

Need more ideas? Check out this presentation on Character Centers!

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