That's Enough

Today I'm excited because our daughter is coming home and our house will be almost as full as our hearts are. My Dad and his wife have arrived from the frozen tundra and two siblings with their significant others arrive tomorrow. 
Oh, what fun!

But as the excitement builds, I find myself wondering:
Will there be enough? 
Will we have enough? 
Have I done enough?

Enough cookies to frost?
Enough treats to enjoy?
Enough variety?

Will we have enough time together?
Is there ever enough time together?
I'm reminded of the Byrd's song Turn Turn Turn.

Weird thing is, it's not like we want for much.
And yet, I find myself often wanting more.
Or maybe better is a more accurate word.
Whatever the case, I've chosen the word enough
as my 2016 focus word.
My one little word.
To help me be more mindful,
in the moment.

To discern between wants and needs.
To appreciate what I have.
And to help me celebrate that what's in front of me is sufficient,
and quite likely more than enough.
Every. Day.

Do we have enough?

You better believe it!
What's your 2016 one little word?


  1. I think my one little word this year is going to be "peace" stop worrying, to let go and let God, to find some level of peace in any situation. :)

    1. Oh, yes; PEACE. It was my OLW the first year I took the challenge, if I remember correctly. Here's to a peace-filled 2016.


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