The Ring of Kindness

I was visiting Westwood on Friday at lunch when I spied a first-grade friend signal me to come his way. "Mrs. Gruener," he said as he showed me his ChicFilA kids' meal toy, "you're gonna love this!"

Though technically it's called Shuffle It Forward, Jax went on to explain that it's a ring of kindness, because you have to pick a card and then do that kind thing before the end of the day. So I picked this one . . .

 . . . and promptly made up a song. About him. 
Which I sang in front of him and his family.
To the tune of Jingle Bells. 
Jaxson rocks, Jaxson rocks, Jaxson rocks all day ... 
And he giggled through the whole thing.

I couldn't wait to get to ChicFilA and get one for my office. How fun would it be to have our students make these? Turns out they have a few other items, including Gift It Forward coupon books.

Clearly, kindness is a gift we can give every day!
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Now I must get back to the kitchen to dip my Caramel Turtles because tomorrow we're taking trays to treat our support staff at the Print Shop, Transportation, the Custodians, Maintenance, our Technology Services, Special Programs, and Central Office. I can't wait to thank them with our homemade goodness.

Sing it with me: It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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  1. Kindness is a gift we can give every day! Glad I caught your post. Love the ring of kindness idea! Merry Christmas!


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