Hugs From Home

Happy Great Kindness Challenge Week 2016! I'm super excited about our kindness project as we've been working hard to make Valentines for those military personnel who won't be home with their loved ones on Valentines' Day this year. Just look at these beauties, which our heroes refer to as hugs from home.

It has been so much fun creating these treasures together

in Leadership Central.

We're using crayons and colored pencils,

Where's Whitlock? Can you spot Westwood's AP?
scissors and glue,

construction paper, lined paper and plain white.

So many choices, so little time.

While we worked, we listened to Red Grammer, the singer and songwriter who's coming to Friendswood to share his Bucketfilling songs with us this week. If you're local, join us Friday night at 7 pm at Friendswood Junior High for a free concert.

On Wednesday, we'll be painting a Conflict-Resolution Peace Labyrinth on the slab outside between the two schools, another perfect complement to our 
Great Kindness Challenge.

Each student received a Kindness Matters wristband and have been encouraged to start each day wearing it on their left wrist. When they do an intentional act of kindness, they move it to their right wrist to remind them that showing kindness is the right thing to do.

To be clear, kindness knows no calendar, but isn't it amazing to be celebrating it with nearly 5 million other students around the world? Here's to a kinder, gentler, more peaceful place as we warm the world with kindness.

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