Kelso's Choice For Families Review

Today I'm delighted to welcome my friend Heather Salinas back to the Corner on Character to share her reflections on the Kelso's Choice For Families Kit.


Kelso's Choice for Families is an invaluable tool for equipping children ages two and up with problem-solving and crisis management skills. (The package stated five years and up, but my two and a half year old was able to join in also with the help of older siblings.) We received this kit a few months after Mrs. Gruener re-introduced the concept of the "school" version to the students in my daughter's Intermediate School. The family version is closely modeled after the school version; because of this, my children were already familiar with the language and it became a natural progression into the "home" version.

The materials that come with the kit are very clear, motivating, and adaptable. There is a fun and informative video for families to watch together that explains the program. It includes explanations about what type of problems are considered "big" and "small" and how to successfully manage a conflict. In addition to the DVD there are also supplemental activities, a workbook, reward chart, crafts, posters, and more. It is a very inclusive kit! For my family, watching the video together and starting the program prompted some amazing family conversations about life, family, and faith; it led to some great family bonding moments!

Our home currently has seven children under the age of twelve, and in the beginning this kit was utilized multiple times a day! I think the reason the kit worked so well is that there is such rich, complex information broken down into a way children can easily understand and adapt to their own situations. The days following us starting this program, I noticed the children solving their "small" conflicts on their own and directing each other to the chart when a problem came up -- a built-in accountability! The distinct choices given to solve issues in the kit were extremely adaptable to any "small" conflict that came up. I did give my children the freedom to choose a solution from either the "younger" version or the "older" child version once a conflict came up. I could tell my children gained a sense of pride and empowerment to make the choice themselves. As the weeks went on, I noticed a big difference in my children's independence and desire for responsibility.

I would highly recommend this program to families with any number of children, as Kelso's Choice for Families could also be utilized for extended family, friends, sports teams, etc. I strongly believe these same conflict management skills will help my children in future relationships, in the workplace and beyond. We are very thankful to have this kit at home as my children (and their conflicts) grow and change over the next years.

Author’s Note: I am so thankful to Mrs. Gruener for inviting me to review this product! My husband and I have been married for 10 years and have four amazing children (ages 9 to 1), two dogs, three birds, 10 turtles, 11 chickens, and a yard full of wildlife! Our life never stops being interesting! 

I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southwestern University in 2002, and a Master of Science Degree in Journalism from Quinnipiac University in 2004. For the last five years I have run my own full-time dog boarding business that I absolutely could not be more blessed by! On a part-time basis, I also edit criminal court transcripts for Harris County.


Thank you, Heather, first and foremost for your friendship, and then for your willingness to share your thoughts, insights and perspective with our readers.

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