Transforming Change

Today I'm reflecting on transformation and change as I watch my butterfly garden

 with wide-eyed wonder and awe.

These guys started out as teeny, tiny caterpillars hatched from these itty-bitty eggs before they set out to devour these milkweed plants before our very eyes. Once they've had enough, they head off to find a safe place to turn their bodies into a J, wrap themselves up in a cloth-like silk substance and wait patiently for their amazing transformation.

Monarchs make change look pretty easy actually.
No hesitation.
No worry.
No fear.

And the struggle to get out of that safe chrysalis? No problem. That struggle is part of the deal, to get the blood flowing, so its wings will work and it can soar effortlessly to start the cycle all over again.

Ah, the circle of life.
Always growing.
Always changing.
Always moving on.

Check out these other miracles we couldn't help but notice this weekend, starting with this healthy plant growing out of a rock.

How is that even possible?
How about this cactus and the beehive next to it,
hanging on a cliff over the hiking trail?
Could the sky get any bluer?

And could these bluebonnets burst with any more beauty?

Springtime in Texas is a gift of transformation and change;

 enjoying it with family puts the fancy bow on top of the present.
What transforming change are you appreciating this beautiful Easter day?

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  1. Happy belated Easter. Yes, spring is a time for renewal and hope.


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