Inspiring Mindfulness

Today I'm thinking about mindfulness.
About being in the moment.
About savoring every second.
About the power of deep breathing.

You see, chaos has come calling a lot lately; 
October tends to be like that.
Lots of planning, lots of running around.
Football games.
Band competitions.
Homecoming Weekend.
Character Counts Week.
Red Ribbon Week.
Fall festivals.
At-risk data collection.
But just because chaos invites us in
doesn't mean we have to go, right?
I found myself helping some fifth-grade girls
breathe through their drama today,
and wondered why I don't do more of that for myself.
Just breathe.
And be.
Just be.
I often wake up craving a nap.
To get away.
To relax.
To restore.
And I think it's a wake-up call
to do a better job with mindfulness and self-care.

So in my research, I've found these resources:
Click {here} for a post for ideas to help us pause & refocus.
Help manage big emotions with these yoga poses.
Check out these fun mindfulness exercises.
A meditation for your wandering mind {here}.


In case you missed my guest post at Free Spirit Press last week on the importance of teaching fairness, click {here} to go there.

And, as an update in our personal journey,

Joshua's high school marching band

qualified as one of the 39 6A bands to march in the

Texas State Marching Band Competition.

So next Tuesday, they'll take their show called

Dot To Dot

to San Antonio to perform in the Alamodome.

As the dots on the field during this year's poetry-in-motion unfold,
engaged spectators are visually inspired with reminders to

Look Forward,
Trust In Something,
Follow Your Heart,
Connect The Dots.

We are so proud of their hard work,
their determination and drive,
their passion and perseverance
in their quest for the best
and we thank the dedicated directors,
the proud and very patient parents,
and the valued volunteers
for giving of their time and talent
to be that village that every child needs.

Good luck, Band.

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