The Best Things In Life

Today I'm energized at the thought of two glorious weeks off of work, to spend with family and friends. Before I sign off and unplug my device for the holidays, 
I've got a few reflections to share.

First, our picture from church last Sunday.
My husband invited me to play along with the orchestra he's in,
so I dusted off one of Kaitlyn's clarinets and said yes.

It's true what humorist Art Buchwald is credited with saying about the best things in life. I've found that they're really not things at all, but experiences ... 

and loved ones to go along with them ... 
like this outing with the kids in Aggieland to enjoy Jacob's Jazz Band as he performs a trumpet solo in his last Christmas concert. So many lasts.

Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye ... and then someone who understands sends you a copy of Todd Parr's new book, priority mail, to help comfort you. 

Sometimes the best thing is a word picked especially for you and inscribed on a Giving Key by someone you adore

The idea is to wear it for a while, then give it away to someone else, 
someone who inspires me or who might need some inspiration.
I'll be honest; that's not going to be an easy thing to do.

Sometimes it's a kindness that someone special picks up for you 
because they think it has your name written all over it.

The tag attached reads: A good deed can go a long way. Our tokens acknowledge that we must freely give of ourselves by performing 'random acts of kindness' without expecting anything in return. Why not do something nice for someone today? Pass along the Pay It Forward token and hope that they too will do something good for someone else.

These may be a bit easier to share.

Sometimes the best thing is a tradition; look who just came by with a sweet treat on his annual Friendswood Fire Truck trek through our neighborhoods.

Seriously, I think I got every bit as more excited than the boys!

Sometimes it's an opportunity. I'm so grateful to Free Spirit Press for the chance to write for their readers. Click the graphic below for my most recent post.

I've been so blessed recently with speaking invitations.
We worked on boosting self-care routines in as Wellness Workshop that I was blessed to lead last week with some amazing school counselors in Brazosport; on our first day back from break, we'll be discussing growth mindset and grit with two school families in Clear Creek ISD. Then I'll give the address at the FHS National Honor Society induction ceremony January 8th before heading back to CCISD to speak with some parents at a PTA meeting on the 10th. So many fun opportunities for me to plant seeds and watch them take root and grow.

So today I'm wondering: Wouldn't it be the best thing 
if every moment of every day could be like Christmas?

Just for fun, I put this message on my new Light Box mini-marqueeI'm super excited about using this gift to motivate and make people think.

So that's a wrap, except to remind you, dear reader, that every day is a gift; don't forget to unwrap the present. Savor every second as if it were your last and appreciate the best things in life as we celebrate the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas. 


  1. You truly are blessed Barbara! To think of all you do to inspire people - it is amazing! But you also are blessing to all who know and love knowing you! Thank you for all you do that brings such joy and inspiration to my every day, my career, my family life... Merry Christmas my friend!

    1. Thank you, sweet Elizabeth. As we pack our bags for some family togetherness in the Frozen Tundra, I'm reminded that one day our paths WILL cross up there and I'll be able to tell you in person just how grateful I am to have cyberspace collaborators like you! I hope you enJOY the happiest of holidays.


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