Kindness: It's A Game Changer

What a fantastic Great Kindness Challenge Week we've had.
We've been making Public Service Announcements about kindness
all week long to spotlight what we've seen, including students holding doors for each other, donating their gently-used shirts for our Clothing Exchange, and volunteering to serve at the Donuts With Divas event.

Click image for source.
In addition to all of the intentional kindnesses that our kids have shown, 
I enjoyed putting stickers with affirmations on these cards ...

and creating this visual display in our teachers' lounge.

Click {here} and {here} if you want them.
There will be a few more than you need, so have fun choosing.
Print them out on Avery 5160 labels and trim them slightly
down the righthand side to fit a standard-sized deck of playing cards.

A huge kindness that greeted me at Ward Elementary when I spoke there a few weeks back is this creative display. Doesn't this just send your heart soaring?

Those colorful little capes were absolutely precious, one prettier than the next.

Then this afternoon, I got this in my box:

One of our superheroes wanted me to know that she'd done all 50 of the Kind Acts on the checklist we sent home. Heart warmed!
 Yes, the kindness boomerang is alive and thriving at our school. 

We've been collecting cans for the Souper Bowl of Caring, too.

Aren't our student-made posters super fun!

Oh, and we're making Valentines for our troops tomorrow to send along with our homemade baked goods next week so they'll get there in time for Valentines Day.
If you've got a soldier on deployment, please email me the address so that we can send them some hugs from home and thank them for their service and sacrifice.

We've had a lot going on this week, 
all in the name of
warming the world,
to make it a better place
for our ourselves, 
for our kids, 
for our future.

Kindness is a game changer!

Did you join the 10 million children who celebrated with us worldwide this week? How did it go? What did you do? How did it feel?

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