Six Simple Words

It's that time of year again, when the American School Counselor Association
 sets aside a week of advocacy for our calling.

I started celebrating yesterday by putting a mini Moon Pie in each school family member's box, to let them know I'm over the moon for them. 
My husband helped me put the stickers on them.

Today I covered morning car-rider duty for a teacher at our sister school 
where I saw this gratitude on the marquee.

It actually tugged at my heart strings really hard, 
because opening the car doors and greeting those littles
had me longing a little lot for what used to be. 
Then, I got a text from someone over there that read:
You will always be my counselor.

And I cried. 
Big crocodile tears.
Tears for the connection behind those six simple words.
Tears of holding on and letting go.
Tears of gratitude for what was
and for the gift of bouncing forward into loving what is.
Ah, the power of words to lift us up and grow us.

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Back at Bales, I'm hosting a How many LEGOS? are in the vase challenge, as an excuse to treat my staff to a chance to win some fun stuff. 

We appreciate Teacher Peach for their donation.

And tomorrow I'm hosting a Coffee Chat with Heather, 
my counseling colleague and friend next door.

We're serving water and coffee, banana bread, 
blueberry muffins & coffee cake. Yum, yum.

After we go through our slides and do a few activities, we're going to read Flight School by Lita Judge to our participants. Here are the other mindset-themed titles we're going to recommend.

We'll sing this song, to seal the deal.

Not sure yet what's in store for Thursday and Friday,
though my husband did mention something about
a special lunch date with him at the end of the week.

He just walked in the door with a beautiful bouquet of flowers,
so I'll sign off for the night, but not before I close with these six simple words: 
Blessed to be a School Counselor.

Good night.

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