Celebrating March As Youth Art Month

Happy March!

Did you know that it's Youth Art Month?
Consider this reflection about the benefits of art education:

Art and music balance the mental functioning of the brain, creating neurological pathways which aid in critical and creative thinking,” said assistant provost of course development at ACE, Lee Tincher, Ph.D. “Healthy learning and living is about developing the whole person, which education should encourage.

The American College of Education is promoting the value of art education this month by hosting a contest and asking to see your students' creativity. 

One piece of artwork from all submitted entries will be selected to appear on ACE cover photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and the student's classroom will receive a $500 gift card for the purchase of art supplies for future projects.
Click the graphic above for more information.

Our daughter has always been passionate about art; we knew from early on that she was naturally adept at it. That's why her career in graphic design is such an awesome fit! When she was home during the holidays, Kaitlyn drew this Building Block for an activity we do in my workshops. Love all the symbolism.
I'm always so inspired by her colorful artistic creations.

And since we're talking art, our son's favorite art form is music. Here's a ballad from Jacob's Aggieland jazz band, David Wolpe's Moonlight In Vermont. It's another proud mommy moment, to hear your child rock his trumpet solo.

Theater is also a fun way for students to express themselves artistically. I love watching my students role-play on stage with each other and with our puppets.

Every day is a great day to celebrate art.
What will you do to make Youth Art Month special?

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