The Essence of Amy

Our world lost author Amy Krouse Rosenthal on Monday, which has left me feeling pensive, reflective and sad for her passing yet grateful for her positivity, inspiration, creativity, vulnerability, passion and joy.

This kindness clip, made years before she became ill, captures 
the essence of Amy.

I never met Amy, though when I read her books, it leaves me with the feeling that I'm pretty sure I know her, like she's a friend. That's because she builds such strong connections through her magical ability to brilliantly wordsmith. 

I did have a small interaction with her this past summer, one that now carries an even deeper meaning for me, when I saw this posted on her Facebook page:

I wasn't sure I even had a chance to win the tote, but, being a HUGE fan of her beautiful treasure I Wish You More, I was baited hook, line, and sinker by Amy's creative challenge. Days later, I found out a number generator chose my comment.

So I sent Amy my address ...

and, as promised, she sent me this tote and a note.

 It reads: hi Barbara! bye Barbara!
and it's signed Amy KR
and sealed with the cutest little self-portrait.
The essence of Amy.
Short, sweet, and sincere.
A sticky note from one of my heroes,
a stranger who felt like a friend,
who lived life huge
because she knew a secret ... 

... one that she shared with anyone who would listen.

Fly, Amy, fly; you will be dearly missed.

Thank you for leaving the world better than you found it, 
and for encouraging us through your many mediums to be kind.
To love big.
To be sweet.
To be OK.
To be ourselves.
To be OK with being ourselves.
To notice, really notice, things.
To create stuff.
To spread joy.
To play fair.
To appreciate music.
To beckon the lovely.
To look for miracles.
To find them in the ordinary.
To be filled with wonder.
To value independence.
To look for humor and be 'punny' whenever possible.
To laugh at ourselves and with others.
To embrace what makes us special.
To celebrate our differences.
To make good character choices.
To accept change as a part of life.
To appreciate that friends come in all shapes & sizes.
To enjoy it when money really does grow on trees.
To pay it forward.
To give back.
To unwrap the gift of life.

And to live a life worthy of being remembered.

Rest in peace knowing you have done all of that, Amy KR ... 
and MORE.

Thank you, thank you.


  1. I am so sad. Amy is one of my favorite authors. I am so glad her legacy includes her authoring books that bring perspective, smiles and lessons. I spent hours on her website when I first found it years ago and, you are right, she makes you feel like you know her. The world is better because she was here. You will treasure your tote for your lifetime for sure.

  2. This is a beautiful post. It's wonderful to know that her legacy lives on in her books. Generations of children will get to read and learn from her stories,


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