Give And Take

It's almost Earth Day 2017, and this little puppy that we kept for a few days over spring break has me reflecting about give and take.

It takes a lot to care for this little girl. 
She wanted required pretty constant attention.
And while we (minus our cat!) loved having her,
I'll have to admit that I was grateful to give her back, too.

Life is like that, for sure.
Give and take.
Someone needed our help, so we gave.
Next time we need help, we'll take.
But in the meantime, I love the reminder
to give thanks ...
and take nothing for granted.
Life is too short.
It's too short to forget to say thank you.
It's too short to forget to lift people up in prayer.
It's too short to miss a chance to be kind.
It's too short.
Time and time again we're reminded of that ...
It's too short to hold on to grudges 
and refuse to forgive.
It's too short to not keep our promises.
It's too short to not be ourselves.

Yet time and time again we forget.
We take things for granted.
We think we have forever.
Heck, we think that for sure we have tomorrow.
And sometimes we do.
But sometimes we don't.

What would change if we lived as if we didn't?


I'm thankful for the opportunity to keep Lizzie for that long weekend. 
I'm blessed to have friends who trust me with their family pet. 
And I'm grateful for my cat, who doesn't take up nearly as much time and attention as that active little puppy did.

So how are you living a life of appreciation,
of give and take,
of service and love?
What are you rocking?
Where could you get better?
Whom could you affirm, celebrate,
honor and thank?
What are you waiting for? 

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