A Plane Full Of Yes

Today I'm grateful for this beautiful, kind review
and freebie reflection sheet from Wendy over at Kidlutions blog.

Wendy is one of the authors of Bloom Parenting
I admire her work and have learned so much from her over the years, 
so her thoughts about my work make my soul sing.

Know what else makes me happy?
This plate, that a friend of mine recently gave me.

It begs the questions: Was it that? and What are you waiting for?

This welcome mat at the Hampton Inn also brings me joy.

But when I told my Dad about it, he was quick to ask with what I know about emotions if I think it's really possible to make someone else happy. No, Dad, technically probably not, but I think it's really good customer service to try.

And speaking of customer service, look what I saw in the St. Louis airport earlier today. I think it's so cool that they're on the lookout for people who work hard to make our day, have a joyful attitude, solve problems, provide great service, take pride in performance, show us respectful attention, exert exceptional effort, and go above and beyond. On purpose. With intention. And I'm happy that the airport leaders want to recognize and publicly affirm them. 

Affirmations just feel good ... 
and we all know that energy flows where attention goes.
Simply put, we get more of what we focus on. 

I love that they're encouraging their peeps to keep on crusading ...
for good!

And then, there's this; the napkin on our flight.
I love that John pointed it out to me,
and I laughed because he knew that I'd take a picture of it.

It reminds me of what I encouraged at this year's
National Honor Society induction:

Find your YES - Yearn, Embrace, Share.

Not only has Southwest Airlines found their YES,
they are a plane full of yes!
They yearn for it,
it's important to them so they've embraced it,
and they're committed to share it.

Such an intriguing slogan; what does it mean to you?

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