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Today I'm excited because my guest post at Free Spirit Press went live with suggestions for your self-care arsenal. Click {here} or use the image to take you there for some sizzling self-care strategies for your summertime Plan BE.

My morning didn't start out all that great. In fact, I needed some stress management of my own because I was getting really stressed out over some paperwork that was due a month ago, that I completed but didn't quite do correctly. I was so frustrated that I almost gave up a speaking opportunity just so that I didn't have to mess with it anymore. Sounds silly, I know, but it is what it is. Thankfully I got some coaching from a friend whose kind words of encouragement helped me persevere and get it done, so it's all good. Sometimes we have to let someone else hold the umbrella, don't we? 

I'm also really joyful that this mindfulness treasure finally arrived. I ordered it months ago after reading Pat's review at Children's Books Heal, but it never came in. Then the order was cancelled. Then there was no record of the reorder. Another lesson in perseverance? I guess so. But here it is and I'm absolutely tickled pink about King Calm by Susan D. Sweet and Brenda S. Miles. First of all, isn't that such a clever title? 
And it's a must-have resource to help the children in our care learn 
to slow down and savor every second, 
to take in the sights, sounds and other senses 
of the world around us as life is happening, 
and to enjoy being in the moment. 
Now. Here. This.

Check it out; I enthusiastically recommend it!

And speaking of being in the moment, I must review my presentation for Wednesday when I go to Austin to lead a mindset learning session for some of the Texas Elementary Principals who'll attend the TEPSA Conference. What fun it has been to put together info for that one-hour to try to inspire and energize those passionate, fearless, joyful Lead Learners.

We'll launch with this reflection, and a dance, of course! 

Then on Friday, you'll find me here ... 

for some poolside professional development with a few of my local school counseling friends. Their pre-PD assignment is to bring an idea that they're going to try that is sure to make last year jealous. Can't wait to hear what's in store for them, for their stakeholders, and for their school families.

What's your Plan BE to decompress and refuel?

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