Gatekeepers & My First Vlog

This morning, I tried something new.
I made a video blog.
A Vlog.

Basically it's a four-minute explanation of how I plan to combine this game

with the Inner/Outer Circle activity

for a staff learning session about the services that a school counselor provides. We'll focus 
on belonging, 
on mattering,
on connections, 
on empathy and emotions, 
and on the power of the circle, 
so you can imagine my joy at remembering that Spot It! cards are circular. Anyway, here it is.

Did you catch my cat's cameo?

My friend Lisa in VA, who sent me this game years ago, is going to be field testing the activity in a week or two and I can't wait to hear how it goes. 
If you try it, please post details in the comments below.

I'm thankful to my friend and colleague Gary Smit from the Character Counts! National Faculty for encouraging me to record and share.

And now for today's book recommendation: 
Gatekeepers by edu-hero Tammy McMorrow.

Although I've not met first-grade teacher Tammy McMorrow in real life ... yet ... she is a cyberspace collaborator of mine through our shared love for writing, passion for education, and our commitment to raising character kids. She blogs over at Forever In First and wrote a guest post at the Corner once a long time ago {here}. I'm tickled pink that she decided to publish a book and share her thoughts and reflections. She starts each essay with a quote, something to think about, just like she does on her blog's weekly special, Saturday Sayings. Her words of wisdom invite the reader into a conversation as if you're sitting right there with her, trying to sort things out together. I know that Tammy is a lifelong learner because a few times over the years she has reached out to me for guidance with hurdles or challenges that have come her way. One of them was the exact time she writes about in Essay #36, Learn, Not Pay

She probably didn't really need my help,
but she sought out my counsel anyway.
Her follow-up essay about it is spot on.
She just wanted them to learn.
To be better next time.
To do better next time.
These learners are blessed to have a Gatekeeper like Mrs. McMorrow and I'm blessed to have her as a friend. Check out her book and you'll be blessed by her insights and reflections.

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  1. Oh Barbara, thank you for your beautiful review. I so appreciate your support and friendship. Thank you for being one of my cheerleaders!


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