Dancing Up A Storm

Today I'm excited to share the story of one of the special schools
on our kindness map. 

Meet my friends from Londonderry School in Pennsylvania.

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We haven't known each other very long; in fact, we were just recently introduced by a force of nature named Harvey.
Hurricane Harvey.
After the storm, their Art teacher Ms. Hardwicke phoned
to ask how they could help us recover.
She'd gotten my name from someone who knew me from somewhere; 
we never did quite figure out our connection.
But we instantly became friends as we brainstormed
how they might help provide hurricane relief.
After a few emails and phone conversations,
she told me that her student leaders met and were planning
a Dance-A-Thon/Hop-A-Thon.

They're a small private school, she told me, 178 students strong.

They chalked the walks with inspiration;

 a first grader offered his mom's talents for this chalk art activity.
Here's what else I've found out about this amazing school family:

Each year, students volunteer to take part in Kid's Committee. They generally select two representatives from each class, first - eighth grade. This year they have a total of 14 students who have joined kids committee. The committee meets eight to ten times a year during lunch recess to brainstorm ideas and plan events to raise funds for school and community needs and occasionally for natural disaster recovery needs. Generally their funds are raised with an annual Kids Art Auction, A Used Toy Raffle, Ice Cream Sundae sales, and Hop/Dance-A-Thons for special community needs, all ideas that came from the children. 

For this event, a third grader offered her mom's face-painting talents; many seventh and eighth graders helped paint the faces. 

Two seventh grade boys volunteered to DJ; a parent who is a real DJ offered to bring his equipment and help them. 

They even played and dedicated Deep in the Heart of Texas to us
 while they did some line dancing. I was flying to Vermont at the time and I'm pretty sure I felt the earth rumble as they boot scooted in our honor.

Dear Cynthia Hardwicke and our forever friends at Londonderry School:

 You have touched us deep in our hearts here in Friendswood, Texas. 
Your generous donation of $4580.00 will help our teachers, our students, and their families restore and rebuild.

Not only are you chalking the walks and dancing up a storm,
but you are clearly walking your talk as you lift others up. 

Thank you for being shining stars and examples
of empathy, compassion, and kindness in our world.

We are so grateful.

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