Falling Down On The Job

Today I'm excited because I had a surprise visit from my friend Gayle.

You might remember that John and I went by her place
right after the flood to help her get that soggy stuff
out of her home and out on the curb.

She had a smile and some good news; her life on the lawn was finally picked up a week ago and just yesterday, her walls were declared dry enough to start the rebuild. Now she waits to hear about her floors.

She also had this beautiful doily that her mom made for us.

When she told me it was for my Bed and Breakfast, I cried. 
Not a big ugly cry, just silent tears.
As we were cleaning, I told her that one day I'd like to have a B & B. I may have actually said that we do have a B & B already, now that we are empty nesters. We've got the Texas Room almost ready to go and we've got the Wisconsin room in progress. It's going to be awesome.

In any event, it's so cool when someone hears you
and then follows it up with such a personal kindness.

It was really a treat to see her again and to show her our learning space. Life has challenged her greatly these past two months; she says she has learned a lot about patience through it all. Clearly she's a survivor and she inspires me. 

Shortly after her visit, I fell down again. In fact, the it's the third time in a month that I've slipped on water in the hallway and fallen down. 
Enter those big ugly cry tears. 

It feels like I'm falling down on the job.
Literally and figuratively.
And it's getting old.
It really hurts, to fall down like that. 
It's embarrassing.
And it's frustrating.

My chiropractor suggests I be more mindful,
and I think she might be on to something.
Hurricane Harvey left a lot of devastation in its wake;
sixty five displaced students in our building, one school counselor.
As I desperately try to help them find some peace
while they put the pieces of their lives back together, 
it seems I'm learning the hard way to take better care of myself so that I have strength to give to them. It's time to slow down to go fast, to be more mindfully aware of my surroundings. {It might also be time for shoes with a better grip.} 

How do you use mindfulness to keep you
from falling down on the job? 

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  1. As we talked on Twitter this morning, I need to breathe in self-kindness and breathe out self-doubt. Get back to what *is*: as the mindful state. That sense of being overwhelmed can come from anywhere, can't it.
    And I agree- splurge on a new pair of shoes. ;-)


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