Making The Most Of Every Moment

Happy November. 

Today I had one of the best surprises ever, when the call over the radio "Come in Mrs. Gruener." brought me to the front office to find my new friend, Houston, and his sidekick Kelby from Character Strong, here in Friendswood to pay me a visit and see my school.

He brought his ukulele and we had an impromptu jam session.
His visit made an ordinary day extraordinary
and I was left so incredibly happy and grateful.

Then I got this big envelope from WI, filled with fall foliage from my friend Jo that is forever preserved. So thoughtful.

Their kindness has reminded me that 
it's the little things that mean the most. 

Before we head off to Friday Night Lights,
check out these new titles I've recently added to our shelves

to promote, stretch and nurture mindfulness.

In this Gabi Garcia tale, Esperanza finds herself being a good friend and showing kindness to others but forgetting to befriend and be kind to herself. I especially connect with the pages in the back that the author dedicated to self-compassion and self-awareness, so important to readers of all ages.

The beauty of this Susan Verde treasure drew me in from the very moment I saw the cover; page by page I couldn't wait to devour mindful experience that is I Am Peace

I give myself a moment. I take a breath. 
And then I tell myself: It's alright.

Enjoy the guided meditation at the end to put an exclamation point on this gem.

This newcomer by Antoinette Portis is simplicity unleashed.
The young narrator is experiencing life as it comes
and savoring every second as she discovers new favorite things.

This is my favorite breeze.
This is my favorite leaf.
This is my favorite hole ... because it's the one I am digging.

It just begs its readers to get working on a list of their own faves.

This title speaks for itself because it was written
by a group of fifth grade superheroes.
It is chunk full of brain research and mindfulness resources.
Start with a body scan and take it from there.
Check this one out; it'll help you relax and restore.

Henry is a hurricane; can his big sister help him manage
using meditation and mindfulness?
We look, listen, feel, and smell.
Prepare to fall in love with the story of this stormy little lad; the author's notes in the back will help you help kids like him increase compassionate awareness and self-regulation.

Kate DiCamillo's newest offering interests me because it's basically a wordless story with eye-catching illustrations by Jaime Kim.
I'm drawn to books without words because of the challenge they present to our readers. Start with What would you say if you were to write this page? 
So much room for feelings interpretation in these pages;
use this la-la-lovely pick to inspire emotional literacy and hope.

What titles do you use to promote
making the most of every moment?

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