The Power Of Thoughts & Words

Happy birthday, MLK; today we celebrate the life and legacy
of a civil-rights activist, a strong orator, a passionate leader, a hero.
In his honor and memory, this book that spoke to my heart
on our date at Barnes & Noble last night.

Like Kate Jane Neal, the newbie author of this heartfelt powerhouse, Martin Luther King, Jr., had a dream, 
that we would use our words and actions 
to lift each other up, not tear one another down, 
to heal rather than to hurt,
to inspire and not to injure.
What they both know is that the choice is ours.
We have the power to choose the words we use.
Every. Day.
All day long.

And though this gem is geared toward children ages 2-6,
its message really applies to young and old alike.
I've chosen to read it to a class of fourth graders tomorrow
whose words haven't been very kind lately
and have, in fact, been used to hurt each other.
At ten years old, these superheroes are still young
and trying to figure out how to get their needs met.
They're learning that they can get attention
in positive ways as well as in negative ways,
so I plan to use this treasure as a tool to help them
rethink what they're doing to one another's hearts.
I can't wait.
Check out this book; it'll make your heart happy!

Couple it with this Heart Of Gold PSA from Girl Scout Troop 7611.

Know what else makes my heart happy?
Teaming up with my friend, author Maria Dismondy, and thirty other 
passionate edu-heroes to Empower, Ignite & Soar.
Here's the stellar line-up for Monday, January 22.

During my interview next Monday, we'll be talking about examining the mindset that precedes our thoughts, words and behaviors.

Mindset Matters; it's one of my favorite topics!

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Sign up {here}; we'll use the hashtag #EISCS18 for this exciting event.

Here's to empowering with kindness and love wherever you go;
 it's the most important heart work you'll be blessed to do.

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  1. Ooh, I love the looks of that book. I watched the video and it just looks so sweet. This might make a lovely Valentine's present for my little kindie grandson!

    And all the best with the Character Summit. I just might tune it:)


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