A God-wink And A Little Boy

If you're on Spring Break, happy vacation time. 
Don't forget to set your clocks forward tonight if you're in a place that recognizes Daylight Savings Time. Before I unplug for the week, I wanted to give you a quick update. Remember our Kindness Rocks Peace Garden that the Kids For Peace Kindness Team helped us create back in January?

Here's my little joy rock next to the one that inspired mine.

Anyway, we decided to fireant and weed proof it,
but seeing it like this kind of hurt my heart a little.

I wasn't sure how it would turn out ... 
and who would be putting it back together.
This picture provides the answer to the former question;

the latter would be me.
So I grabbed some volunteer friends out of class
and they helped me with the middle heart, the one that
showcases the schools whose Kind Coins donations
helped fund our Playful Hearts Playground.

Thomas, a fourth-grade boy who helped me set these rocks on their crushed granite bed to help set the path, softened my heart and made it smile when I heard him say, "I know why you're doing this, Mrs. Gruener." {Because if not me, then who? I thought with a twinge of frustration} "Because it's Open House tonight, right?"

A God-wink and a little boy.
Frustration traded in for peace.
Deep in the heart of Texas.
And some very proud and excited parents and kids that night
at our Peace Garden grand opening during Open House.
Sometimes all it takes is a child's voice.

As I reflect, I'm so thankful for Thomas' insight
as he helped me put our serenity spot back together.

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