Autism Uncensored

Today I'm excited because our incredible Art teacher is almost done with this, the entrance to our Book Barn. Her talent begs the question: Could we just hire her to welcome-ize all of the doorways in our school? 

Just look at the detail in this adorable dragonfly she just added.

I'm so thankful for her time and talent!

I'm also delighted to share some resources to help us celebrate April as National Autism Awareness MonthFirst, this book making its debut next week that I just could not put down. Click the image for more information. 

This riveting story, penned by the mother of a child with Autism, poignantly chronicles one family's tumultuous journey 
from a dating couple totally in love 
through the birth of their first child
and some developmental challenges 
to his diagnosis of Autism
through some tiring and trying therapies
to his mom's unconventional attempts to socialize him
through to his elementary-school-aged years.

With the turn of every single page, I felt overwhelming
empathy and compassion
for the father, the mother, the sister, and the son.
For the stakeholders in his story.
And for families with autism everywhere.
Because Autism affects everyone.
Every moment.
Every decision.
Every move.

And while I found this novel compelling and appreciated its raw, up-close-and-personal peek into the world of a family living with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), I can't recommend it without sharing that there are several shocking expletives that I would have preferred not to see in print and countless disconcerting interactions that could easily offend. Be warned: A title that bears the word Uncensored is likely not for the faint of heart. 

Want to know more about Autism? Thank you to reader Jasmine Dyoco for recently sharing links to these five posts:

And a few additional supporting resources:

If you have a go-to that your children or students with Autism really connect with, please leave us a comment telling us all about it.


  1. Barbara, thank you for the great resources you provide, as well as inspiration. I am always looking for more great resources about autism. Every time I see the Corner on Character in my email, I cannot wait to open it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. You’ve provided some great resources for autism awareness. Thank you!

  3. Barbara how I can suggest a resource I published? You might find it very useful "Teaching Art To Children With Autism"


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