The Dog Days of Summer

As we cruise into July and wade knee deep into the dog days of summer, 
I'm thinking about, well, our best furry friends.

It started when my friend Tanya sent me this picture of Milo.

Don't you love this?
For some reason, it reminded me of this essay I found years ago:
It's whimsical, sure, but also kind of fun to imagine.
Dogs do have a lot to teach us, after all.

Then I remembered I'd promised to share 
the story of Digger, The Hero Dog.

It tells the real-life tale of Digger, who
saved his friend Kilee from a burning building. 
Click {here} for a video clip about 
his heroic rescue and her determined recovery
and {here} to read a review by Maria Dismondy.
Use it to talk about fire safety, loyalty and friendship.

It also reminded me that I've never told you about
this Maribeth Boelts (of Those Shoes fame)
treasure I found at the half-price store awhile back.

It is the sweetest story, one you can use
as a springboard for a discussion on adoption, 
friendship, and unconditional love.
Click {here} for a Humane Society lesson plan idea.

Finally, I realized I've never showcased this title, one of our Joshua's 
childhood favorites about fairness, starring Pinky and Blue.

Blue puts up with a lot from his little friend Pinky, including sharing almost everything. One non-negotiable, however, is his favorite toy rabbit. Will the squabble over that squishy rip their friendship apart? The brilliant illustrations and hilarious text make this one a delightfully engaging read-aloud for your young dog-lovers.

Want some more dog-gone good read alouds?

What are your go-to faves for the dog days of summer?

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