Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Today I'm excited because I started the day swimming with this little superhero, who's now going in to 8th grade already, and reconnecting with her mom. Allison is a climate changer, making the world better with that huge heart and kind smile.

I was so grateful to see her again and spend time with them.

I'm also thankful to Prosign Design for partnering with me to help support caregivers as they work with intention to build character in their children. Click the lemonade-stand image below to read my latest guest post. 

After swimming, I stepped way out of my techno-comfort zone and recorded my first Prosign Design-sponsored Podcast. What fun it was to interview Amanda Symmes and find out how a School Adjustment Counselor walks the talk by nurturing healthy relationships. It'll post next week, to stay tuned for details.

Now, on to the Won't You Be My Neighbor? part of this post;
have you seen the Mr. Rogers documentary yet?

It's on my to-do list, but my friend Tanya cautioned maybe not going alone to see it, so I'm waiting until I can see it with a friend.

I ran into my neighbor at the grocery store on Saturday.
Not my neighborhood neighbor, 
but the teacher from across the hall,
on Respect Route, 
at Westwood Elementary
for fourteen years until three years ago.

I came across a dozen or so notes in my Smile file that she wrote during our days togetherHere's one she wrote after I brought back some Wisconsin cheese and then visited her first-grade class as a guest farmer during their farming unit.

Can't you just feel the empathy and love in every word?

Everybody loves Mrs. Quigley, so time stood weirdly still when I saw her coming my way. It was as if we were the only ones in that store, she in her It Is Well With My Soul shirt, I in my Be Where Your Feet Are shirt. Catching up with her for those few moments in time felt like going home. I can't wait until she comes home to the family farm with me one day.

Jennifer Quigley is the kind of neighbor that everybody deserves to have.

She's warm and welcoming,
compassionate and caring,
generous and grateful.

She's the real deal, just like Mr. Rogers . . .

Click image for source.

because she knows what he knew
about being a good neighbor and friend.


  1. I wish I could go to Mr. Rogers with you! I would happily see it again. I think I misunderstood your question because you would be fine to see it alone, just take some tissues for the end! It is pretty fun to talk about it with someone after you see it, though, so if you go with someone you can do that. :)

    1. I wish we could see it together, too, Tanya! And when you mentioned tissues, I deduced that I'd best not see it by myself.


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