Through My Perspectacles

Is shOcktober over yet?
I'd forgotten how long and challenging this month can be.
Today I woke up sad, because of some recent challenges;
my eyes tired as I transition them to my new glasses,
and a little puffy from some overdue tears,
I decided to take my morning walk without wearing them.

As I walked, my life a bit blurry both literally and figuratively,
I couldn't help but notice how heightened my other senses were.
I could smell Autumn in the air.
I could hear the leaves crunching beneath my feet.
I could taste the tart apples on the trees.
I could feel the sun's warm kisses on my skin.
And it was glorious.
Such an interesting perspective for someone who is dependent upon her glasses, 
to walk without the visual assistance of spectacles.
It left me with this rhetorical question:
What do we need to do when life gets out of focus,
when lines blur and we can't quite see straight?

True confession: I did turn right a little too soon on the home stretch, and when I looked up, it was a little weird to not be where I thought I was. But it also served as the perfect parallel for the sense of lost I woke up feeling today.
Probably just this season in my life,
making this transition from a 34-year-career with kids
to freelancing and consulting and hanging out by myself.
With myself. And my cat.
A new perspective I'm adjusting to as I navigate my new normal
and figure out who I am and who I'm becoming.
And just like a baby sometimes has to cry her frustrations out,
my eyes have to cry a little as they adjust to the new prescription.
Nothing to stress or worry about; 
just working at letting go and loving what is.

The trigger may have been that today was Dennis Lee day at Westwood and Bales, an eighteen-year tradition, something I started back in 2000.
It was such a blessing to host Tony and Dennis 
and their new puppy Sampson overnight last night.
We loved having them; I especially liked cooking for them
and catching up over dinner. 
But their visit may have shined a spotlight on my new normal
that I wasn't ready for, making it seem more real. 
Which it is. No question.

He gave me this signed and numbered drawing of baby Micky,
along with a copy of Brené Brown's book about belonging,
the perfect gift as I try to figure out where I belong now.

I've already started digging in and it's incredible!

If you haven't ever seen Dennis Lee, sit back and enjoy.
I especially savor the giggles from these intermediate kiddos,
who get to be young again for the hour in his presence.

A clip is never as good as the real deal, but I hope it'll give you a taste of the treat that is the talent of Dennis Lee.

It was like a deep cleansing breath of oxygen to be back home at Westwood, and to be with my superheroes from Bales again. Turns out I don't need glasses to see that they're growing into greatness so beautifully.
And that soothes my soul and makes my heart so so happy.


Speaking of greatness, a new episode of Character Speaks is live;
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I'm so grateful to all of my guests.
Are you ready yet to schedule yourself 
and share your expertise on an upcoming episode?

Happy Halloween; may tomorrow be spook-tacular

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