Grow On The Go

Today I'm excited as I started the day listening to a podcast on my walk before church, grateful for the chance to grow on the go. And it gave me the idea to share my top six podcast picks. Click the picture to tune in and subscribe.

Counselor Hans Appel just launched this inspiring student-led podcast; soon I'll get to interview them on Character Speaks. Don't miss their episode with servant-leadership guru James Hunter.

Morgane Michael is an amazing hostess whose comprehensive
and touching interviews get to the heart of all things kindness. 
Her latest interview with Peter Reynolds is top-notch.

Tim Cavey digs in and goes deep with educators who are on fire
for making the world a better place through their craft.

Assistant Principal Joshua Stamper invites
edu-heroes to talk about how and why they lead.

School leader Jon Harper's guests share lessons learned 
from mistakes made on their journey as an educator.

Rethinking Learning with Barbara Bray
spotlights change agents from around the world.

Do you have a favorite PD-on-the-go podcast? 
Leave your recommendation for us in the comments below.

If you're looking for some new books for your school or home library shelves, check out these recently-released stellar selections.

This Ben Brooks title showcases ordinary boys who've done extraordinary things, to make the world a better place. I like it because there are some young men we rarely hear about, daring to be different and make their mark.

This Sports Illustrated First Book highlights all things Basketball for your beginners. As a bonus, the brilliant illustrations make every page pop.

Switching sports, this comprehensive and colorful guidebook takes the intermediate reader back with trivia through pigskin history. 
How many pages do you think showcase the epic Green Bay Packers? Answer: 9. 

And since we're going to the polls in America this week,
I find it the perfect time to share this poetic citizenship newbie.

What exactly is the difference between dolphins and porpoises?And shouldn't every creature get an equal voice when it's time to vote on a delicate issue about whether to move from their home to a safer spot in the sea?

If the polls are opened where you are, don't forget to vote,
then check out these podcasts and books. Happy learning.

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