Developing By Design

Happy Sunday; today I'm still thinking about something that Houston Kraft told our kids about the culture of their school. He said that they needed to be intentional about how they act, because culture happens by design or default.

He challenged them to make their culture kind by design. 
Then on Twitter, Wisconsin Principal Joe Sanfellipo reminded us that who we are, what we do, and how we show up will be remembered by the people whose paths we cross, whose lives we touch.

By design or default.

Michael Josephson encourages us to think about what we want people to say about us after we're gone and live life backward.
Again, by design or default.

So this has me wondering how this design idea extends
beyond school culture and a person's legacy.

Everybody has character; do we want our kids
to get their core values by design or default?
That's why our character-building efforts
and social and emotional skill development
must be intentional and never left to chance.

Our well-being will also happen by design or default;
we are what we eat, or so they say.

That's why we must be intentional 
about what we put on our plates . . . 

psychologically, spiritually, emotionally, 
physically, personally, professionally.

Or we risk piling our priorities onto broken plates.

Because there are only so many waking hours in a day.

How would your plate look were you to list all of your
wellness strategies into these six areas?

We're going to make these self-care wheels
in a mindfulness workshop tomorrowto help participants
take an inventory of what's on their plate.

And to encourage teachers to be intentional,
so that they can enjoy optimal health
 by design and not by default.

I'm so psyched that school districts are setting aside
three hours of time to help promote
wellness in their staff members.
Because we can overflow 
where there is no flow.

Check out these food-for-thought nuggets so that
self-care and mindfulness become rituals and routines
and your wellbeing develops by design.

How do you make sure that your
soul is in constant bloom . . . by design?

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