PPBF: Maybe

Today I'm excited because PPBF is back
and we've got the perfect pick!

Title: Maybe
Author: Kobi Yamada
Illustrator: Gabriella Barouch
Publisher: Compendium
Birth Date: September 15, 2019
Suitable for: ages 5-7 (and up!)
Themes: self-awareness, purpose, potential
Brief synopsis: A young dreamer and her pig journey through a wonder-filled space imagining the possibilities that lie ahead for both of them.
Opening page: Have you ever wondered why you are here?

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Why I like this book:  I was drawn to this book on the shelves at Barnes & Noble this week because of its author; I definitely connect with his three What do you do with? books. I left the store with it in my bag because of its striking illustrations and 
poignant points about possibilities and potential.

Who among us doesn't want need to be told
that we have so much to offer? 
That we're filled with possibilities,
that {maybe} we're here to cheer someone on.

To lift someone up.

To shine a light into the darkness.

To give a voice to the voiceless.

To come to the rescue as only we can.

This is a book about hopes, dreams, potential; 
it's a manifesto about mattering,
about being our best selves 
while living our best lives.

It targets growth mindset,
falling down, failing even,
then getting back up 
and standing strong again.

It's a metaphor for when pigs fly.

Wait, what? 
{You'll have to check it out to see what I mean by that.}

Use the illustrations to spark a creative writing assignment;
what does the expression When Pigs Fly mean to you?

Compare and contrast Maybe with When Pigs Fly by James Burk.

Then ask your students to think about their purpose.
What are they here for?
What are they passionate about?
What's their why?

Add this gem to your shelves and/or buy a copy for the next 
birthday party or special milestone celebration on your calendar.

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  1. For a moment, I thought that "Pig" journey was a typo. Now I think you're being sly. Will have to see if I can find this one. Thanks for the rec!


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