Empowering Heart Smarts

Happy February; what an amazing few weeks we've enjoyed.
As the calendar page turned, I was on a quick trip to Michigan.
On the way, I read The EQ Intervention by Dr. Adam L. Saenz.

On the way home, these Spirit-led seat stretches 
made my heart and soul happy.

On Wednesday, I was invited to lunch at the Rotary, 
where they surprised me with this Service Above Self stipend.

They have been so supportive over the years, most notably
by donating postage every single time we send our care packages
(aka Hugs from Home) to our deployed servicemen and women.
I'm so grateful to them for their encouragement and love.

When I went to Bales to read to a few of my former 3rd graders, 
now in 5th, this is what my character cam spied at the entrance.

More heart happiness to see my friends again, 
and what a fun place for a Free Little Library.

On Friday, I went for a meeting with the Leadership Team at the School of Science and Technologyand they presented me with this beautiful plaque.

What a blessing it was to plant a few seeds and help them 
on their character journey to National School of Character.

Speaking of your character building, today I've got
two beautiful new recs for your SEL shelves.

First, Dr. Saenz's guide to
"Shaping a Self-Aware Generation
through Social and Emotional Learning."

I am devouring this text with so many ah-ha moments
about who we are,
how we connect,
where we're going, 
how we want to behave,
and what we're going to feel 
as teachers, parents, mentors, caregivers, human beings.

I'm learning more about the EASEL test,
{go ahead and take it right now by clicking that link; I'll wait.}
the five core CASEL competencies,
the history behind IQ tests,
different learning abilities,
personality dimensions,
stress management,
mental well-being,
heart smarts,
and much more.
So much more.

And it's not just filled with fun theories; 
it's jam-packed with practical actionable items.

I predict it'll become a revolutionary bestseller,
but don't just take my word for it.
It has my enthusiastic endorsement.

Finally, one of my favorite authors, Lita Judge,
is back with her newest gem that'll send your heart soaring.

I know this because I got this sneak peek in the mail recently.

Click the picture for more info
And it gave me all the feels.

Let your imagination take wing with this mindful masterpiece as it comforts and empowers your little one's search for their courage and voice.

Pre-order yours {here} for its March 3rd release.

Thank you, dear reader, for stopping by
and spending time at the Corner today;
what are your go-to resource for 
empowering heart smarts?

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  1. Congratulations on your Rotary award! I took the EASEL test; super interesting. I was a little surprised by some of my scores...it's always fun to learn about myself in new ways! Thanks for sharing that fun exercise.♥


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