The Perfectly Perfect Wish

Today I'm excited because I've got a picture-perfect picture book for you. 
But first, a quick recap from my recent trip back home.
It was a magical visit and time very well spent.

I wish I had the words to explain how beautiful it was.

Breathtaking. And cold. Like -10 cold.

But over and over again, I was warmed by kindness.

In this picture, my brother-in-law was shoveling snow
so that we could get out in the morning.
He even ended up missing his bus for us.

Yep, kindness is love with snow boots on;
it's always healing for my heart to be back home
and hang out with family and friends.

I had a blast connecting with the WI School Counselors

before heading back to Texas and to my Whitcomb Giraffes.

When I got back to school, one of my first-grade friends was so excited to see me and show me his sticker chart because he only had one sticker left to earn. To his surprise, when we got to where the charts are posted, his was actually all filled up. Puzzled, he asked how that last sticker got there and a classmate came over to say that she'd given him one of hers. To help him out. So he could choose his reward. Be still my happy heart. 


He picked his reward: Lunch with his friend Mohammed. 
And his teacher. And me.

During that lunch on Friday, I posed this question:

What's one wish you really want to come true?

After this student told us his wish, and his teacher and I told him ours, Mohammed's wish was that this student's wish would come true. 
Kindest answer ever.

Click the image for the author's blog and more info

In a storyline along the lines of the question I posed,
a young girl finds a wish. Not three. Just one.

Unsure what to ask for, she asks three of her friends
and they each share what it is they'd like.

When nothing seems right as she's trying to decide,
she decides not keep the wish for herself, but to
wish instead that her friends' wishes would come true.

Check out this perfectly dreamy newcomer and prepare 
to fall in love with The Perfectly Perfect Wish.

Whose wish would you like to make come true?

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