Earth Day Giveaway

Happy Earth Day 2021; whoooooo's celebrating with me?

Photo credit: Nancy Faust

This gorgeous creature lives down the street in our neighborhood;
sometimes, in the dead of night, I can hear him sharing his story.

I worry, sometimes, about what all of our development
is doing to the natural habitats for birds and other wildlife,
so I'm grateful to set aside time to thank Mother Earth
and ponder ways in which we can conserve our resources.

One way to do that is creating awareness through books; here I am years ago, reading What Does It Mean To Be Green? with some Kinder friends.

Other Earth Day picture books that might interest you include:

One of my favorite ways to save our planet is to plant trees.

We brought this little transplant home to TX
from my Dad's eaves trough in Wisconsin a decade ago.

When I went to take her picture this morning, a gust of wind
helped her top leaf wave to me in all of her splendor. 
Oh, how I have loved watching this little sapling 
struggle and flourish to become this tall treasure.

What other ways can you thank Mother Nature and
work with intention to protect our environment?

The 50 crusaders in the Earth Squad have some ideas and
to celebrate Earth Day, the publisher is giving away
 a copy of this handbook to one lucky reader!

Just leave us a comment with your favorite way to 
celebrate Earth Day and we'll draw one name from your
comments on Sunday, April 25th around noon {CST}.

Then check back to see if you've won so that we
can get a copy of this gem sent your way.

This giveaway is now closed; congrats Just Aubrey!

Oh, and how about we make every day Earth Day;
whooooooo's with me?


  1. This year we did an outdoor scavenger hunt
    I have also done the carbon footprint activity

  2. I am always looking for new titles to add to my classroom library for Earth Day! I like to celebrate Earth Day by sharing stories with my students, planting flowers and enjoying nature.

  3. From Barbie Monty: My students and I spent Earth Day 2021 in a special livestream with the World Wildlife Fund and their youth ambassador, Eve Downing. She shared ways students could take action in their local communities to help our environment. It was such a great way to spend Earth Day! A great "Making-Every-Day Earth Day Strategy" for me would be inspiring my students each day to TAKE ACTION to make our world a better place!


I really enjoy hearing from my readers; thanks for sharing your reflections with us!