PPBF: Animal Architects

Today I'm still thinking about my baby brother Mark;
isn't this such a cute picture of him?
Missing him so very much.

Today's PPBF is loosely connected,
though this bunny is a pet and doesn't
live in a natural habitat outdoors.

Author: Amy Cherrix
Illustrator: Chris Sasaki
Publisher: Beach Lane Books
Birth date: September 7, 2021
Suitable for: ages 3-8
Themes: animals, nature, science
Brief synopsis: Dig in to this captivating non-fiction book to see these amazing animal architects in action.
Opening page: Did you know the natural world is a construction zone? Whether they are large or small, in the ocean or on land, animals are amazing architects!

Resources: Compare and contrast with Animal Architects by Daniel Nassar.
Check out these awesome books that teach kids to love animals.
Research fun facts about animals to report to the class;

It's my brother's favorite flower; look at this gorgeous shot,
courtesy of his friend and tenant Mary Clare. I think that
Mark believed that the marigolds would keep the critters
out of his vegetable garden. Not so, I found in my research.

Why I like this book: It is such a beautiful treasure trove to help young, budding scientists learn more about these incredible animals and their natural habitats. I especially like the literary elements like alliteration and onomatopoeia that are woven into its poetic prose to help describe what's going on so that its reader can experience the incredible facts and info through the words. The intricate illustrations perfectly complement each fact as they bring the pages to life. Resources in the back to help us learn even more about our animal friends complete the gift that is today's PPBF.

Check out this book and prepare to be WoWed by these awesome architects. Use it as a springboard for your next animal unit; I cannot wait to see what your young learners think about this masterpiece.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this book. I love books like this one -- reminds me of the one I reviewed for MMGM: Orangutan Hats and Other Tools They Use. Animals are really intelligent and it's fun to learn how they use items from nature to keep them healthy, clean, build and so on -- even play.

  2. I am going to have to get my paws on this... it looks like a wonderful book.


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