World Kindness Day 2021

Happy World Kindness Day 2021;
what have you done with your love today?
This last week I've had the beauty of being on a bit of a kindness crusade. I flew home to WI late last Friday night to spend some coveted time with family and friends. On Saturday, I got six hours of quality time with a few of my brother Mark's co-workers. It was a great comfort to connect, visit, laugh and cry with them. On Sunday, I reunited with my sister Debra and my brother Paul along with our parents to attend church where Mark went and hang out at his home going through some more of his pictures. Monday took us on a tour at the Ronald McDonald House, where Mark served on the Board of Directors for nine years.

They gave us this beautiful memento of his volunteering with them.

We miss our little brother so SO much; see those lederhosen?
I got to bring them back with me for my husband and sons.

On Tuesday, I donated a copy of Mr. Quigley's Keys to my friends at Prairie Elementary in Waunakee. Look at the goodness I found proudly displayed in this Wisconsin State School of Character's front office.


On Wednesday, I led a three-hour growth session at the Wisconsin State Conference for Counselors; we had a lovely time connecting over empathy, compassion & kindness. I'd like to say that I got home in time to teach on Thursday, but storms on the way home delayed my first flight, which caused me to miss my connection; it went from bad to worse when the flight they put me on was delayed five times before they announced at 1:30 am that it was cancelled. Spending the night in the Dallas airport made me extra grateful for my bed, for sure. I was able to sleep for about an hour from 3-4 am, then I caught the 8:35 am flight home. Turns out my luggage made it the night before, so I was reunited with my bags in time for breakfast with my husband followed by a looooooong nap.

That night, I recorded a Book Chat with Melody for
a special Veterans Day edition of her Live.

On Friday after school, I connected with a class of second-grade
kindness crusaders in Kansas, which gave me a booster shot of joy!

This morning I was invited to do a read-aloud for a teachers' sorority; 
I took my ukulele and we sang this little ditty after I shared our story.

While I was away, I received this beautiful note from Alaska.

I feel so thankful for all of these one-of-a-KIND opportunities!

The book is on sale at Amazon if you're looking for a holiday gift;
email me if you'd like a personalized book plate.

Ah, World Kindness Day, what a beautiful opportunity
to show others how love feels and what love can do.

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