What We Plant Will Grow

Happy new year!

This comic pretty much sums up how easy it could be to let mayhem and fear overcome us while at the same time reminding us that we always get some say in how we respond to what happens to us regardless of our circumstances. Who else finds this poignant reminder helpful?

It's also a perfect complement to today's recommendation;
happy book birthday to Anzu, The Great Kaiju.

In this brilliantly-illustrated and precious story inspired by Japanese mythology, it's Anzu's turn to take his place over his city. But instead of the superpower of fostering frenzy, his power seems to be ... flowers. Try as he may, he can't seem to wreak havoc into the hearts of his people, but he sure is good at beautifying the land with his botanical bounty. 

Will practice make perfect for this kind Kaiju? 
Will he learn to follow in his family's footsteps? 
And if so, will the chaos he causes endear him to his kingdom? 

From author/illustrator and Disney Animator Benson Shum"Growing up, I didn’t know much about cars like my dad. I wasn’t a mathematician like my mom. And I definitely wasn’t athletic like my sister. But I loved to tell stories through drawing. Anzu the Great Kaiju is a very personal story about courage and loving your family but still being true to yourself."

After enjoying this riveting read-aloud, encourage students
to make a comic that shows them being true to themselves.

What does that look like, sound like and feel like?
Are there any family expectations that they could change?
What fixed mindsets or biases could they help unlock?

Check out this book; I think it's the perfect pick for
kicking off 2022 and talking beautiful new beginnings.

From our hearts to yours; I pray that this year finds you
cultivating an incredible variety of fresh, fragrant flowers.

Because what we plant will grow.

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